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Hey there!

I'm a mom, step-mom, wife, aunt, friend, educator, Christian, entrepreneur, reader, awesome gift wrapper, all of those roles and a bunch more.  But most importantly for you, is that I get what you are feeling right now and I've got your back! I've been there, I'm doing that and together, we've got this covered!  I'll get that box sent; YOU will be the hero--and I'm betting your favorite college person will be calling or texting you to say..."hey, this is just what I needed..."


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"The days are long but the years are short"
couldn't be more true...

We've probably all heard this, right?  This sentiment applies to many situations in life, but really applies to parenting!  One minute your child needs you all the time and then you blink and they are out the door, on the way to college and you are left thinking, "What just happened?"  You hope that all of the lessons you squeezed in have stuck. That they make wise choices.  Or that the mistakes they make are not overly huge.  On the day we helped our son move in to his residence hall, I took this photo of the loooong line of "parent cars" leaving the parking garage (and their son or daughter in a residence hall) and I was struck with an overwhelming feeling of what comes next?


TLC for College is part of my "next".  The idea for this company was born out of a frustration that came about 5 years before our son left for college. We had 3 nieces in college at the time, all in different locations and we wanted to show them some support but putting my "good intentions" into actions never seemed to happen.  I'd get a card or snack sent here and there, but nothing like I wanted. And the process was exhausting-finding a box, buying the contents, making it look "fun" and finally getting it in the mail.  All of that took SO. MUCH. TIME.   Fast forward to today and my dream of putting fun boxes together that will warm your favorite college student's heart and keep that connection between you and them strong, is finally a reality!

I'm an educator by profession.  I've worked in both the college and high school settings.  I've been a teacher, and worked in college admisssions and what I know, is that even though our children are nearly grown, getting a "care package" at any age is a treat!  College is hard--and it's been especially hard recently. Learning and especially on-line learning is NOT easy.  It doesn't matter whether the class is in person or at the kitchen table, the past few years have really taken a toll on college life and our favorite college students need our support now, more than ever.  

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